Guitar Lesson III...

Finding The Strings - Fret Hand

This is an exercise that concentrates on the 'Fret' hand. This is an excellent exercise for getting used to your pick hand working with your fret hand. Again, Repetition is very important. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Play the notes with the tip of your finger. Not the side or face of the finger. It may be a little painful after a half hour or so but in a few days you'll develop calluses and this will no longer be an issue.

  • As in the pick hand exercises you should maintain an even tempo throughout. You may find this a bit more difficult now that your using both hands in sync and also, you may find that you have to slow yourself down. Simply slow the tempo of your metronome to a comfortable speed that enables you to play the passage perfectly.

  • Play the notes with down and up strokes starting with a down stroke.
  • Once again build speed, play along with the radio once you have memorized the pattern and keep at this excercise for a week or so as well or until you can play it flawlessly from beginning to end. Gradually increase the tempo and use this exercise as a warm-up.

    To listen to our sound samples or to view the video clips, you will need either the default Windows Media Player which can be downloaded Here or you can download Real Player Here.

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